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Learn how we find for you personally the ideal individual pharmaceutical cancer therapy.

Which therapy is the most effective one for me? Will my tumor respond to the chosen pharmaceuticals? Do the promised benefits of the treatment justify the undesirable side effects? Every patient who got the diagnosis "cancer", has to deal with these questions. However so far, physicians could only specify certain statistical probabilities of the success of a therapy, but could not predict for the individual patient if and which therapy will succeed. Only Spherotec can provide this information.

> How can Spheromed help me finding for me the most effective therapy?

Systemic therapies (chemotherapy, hormone and antibody therapies) are an integral part of any tumor therapy. Their therapeutic benefits can be relatively accurately predicted for patient groups - but not for the individual patient. So far, there was no procedure that allowed physicians to predict the individual response of a regimen with great certainty.

>How can I optimize my therapy selection?

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